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Inspired by  the vision of seeking for amazing experiences at the restaurant and entertainment industry, five years ago  CARDON Hospitality Group was founded by a group of entrepreneurs with over 25 years of combined experience in the hospitality industry. CARDON is a rapidly growing company which spans 6 different concepts, each with a distinct culinary voice, style and identity. Our concepts include the following well known venues:

Fin de California, Banger Rooftop , Toba Valle de Guadalupe , Jak on fire, La Casa de los Platos and Luccas Bar.

Corporate Executive Chef Alonso Barron Vidal, leads menu development for all the restaurants in Baja California and is responsible for sustaining and elevating culinary offerings for all current and future projects. During Chef Alonso's career, he has had the opportunity of traveling the world, studying and learning different cooking techniques and finding out everything about his true passion.

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